Webinar Recaps

2022 is approaching fast, and campaigns, organizers, and voters are gearing up for another crucial election cycle. This month, we hosted two webinars that highlight best practices for organizing and fundraising successfully next year.

Organizing at Scale: State Party Strategies for 2022

Guest speakers Anatole Jenkins, former National Director of States Organizing for Joe Biden for President, and Ashley Brennan, Organizing Director for the Arizona Democratic Party, shared their perspectives on how state parties and other political organizations can prepare to organize at scale next year.

We also discussed:

  • Tips for building substantial party infrastructure year-round
  • Ways to keep volunteers and teams energized from cycle to cycle
  • Lessons from previous election cycles that inform strategy for 2022

Watch the full recording here.

Leveraging Impactive for Fundraising in 2022

Impactive’s Juliet Albin, Senior Sales Executive, and Ilana Kaplan, VP of Client Strategy, were joined by Michael Beckendorf, Business Development Manager at Opt-In Strategies, to discuss tips for communicating effectively with donors and ultimately yielding more success from fundraising outreach.

We shared:

  • Ways to use broadcast and relational messaging to boost fundraising efforts
  • Tips for creating attention-grabbing scripts and outreach messages
  • How to streamline coordination for outreach efforts like fundraising using Impactive

Watch the full recording here.

On the Blog

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Feature Spotlight

Users can now add reports on voters in the web app. Previously, this feature was only available on the mobile app. Find the Add Report button directly on the side menu of the web app, and start filling reports!

Nov 30, 2021
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