The Impact: Updates from September 2021


Introducing: Broadcast Texting

Say hello to the newest addition to our suite of texting tools: Broadcast Texting on Impactive. With Broadcast Texting, you can send the latest updates and important information to millions of subscribers in just a few clicks. Our broadcast tool is the most streamlined way to send mass messages: track message performance and continue two-way conversations after an initial broadcast text, just like peer-to-peer texting! 

It doesn’t stop there — read about the full capabilities of Broadcast texting here.

Webinar Recap

Organizing People We Know Best: Best Practices for Friends and Family Messaging

Outreach is more authentic and effective when volunteers invite their relational contacts to take action for causes they care about. In this webinar, we shared how to build the most engaging relational actions and set up a Friends and Family Messaging action from start to finish.

Watch the recording here.

Partnering with Student Organizers: Strategies for Inclusive Impact

Seamless collaboration with student activists is essential for progressive organizations looking to accelerate their impact. In this webinar, we were joined by Campus Vote Project’s National HBCU Manager and experienced student organizers from George Mason University to discuss how organizations can effectively partner with communities on campus.

Watch the recording here.

On the Blog

Broadcast texting for political campaigns makes outreach and engagement extremely quick and easy. Read about the top ways political organizers can benefit from this texting tool.

Read the post here.

There are always new ways for organizers to improve their outreach and engagement efforts. Check out these 6 useful resources for digital organizing best practices!

Read the post here.

Helpful Resources

Need to catch up on the latest updates in the SMS texting landscape? Here’s what you need to know:

📲 10DLC, Twilio, and Carrier Updates on Texting: What You Need to Know

Plus, check out these ways to make your Impactive experience much more seamless:

🔄 Integrate VAN nationally or across multiple states

📝 The "Add Report" Function in the Impactive Inbox

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